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The Dutch Room at Selra Dunia Boutique Hotel on Saba
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The Dutch Room
The Dutch room has been themed on the culture, design and lifestyle of the Dutch nation. The furniture in the room has either been restored or is in it’s antique state. Comfort and modern have excellently been woven into the culture that the Dutch room airs. The four poster bed is rumoured to even have been used Dutch royalty on one of their stays on this magnificent island. We hope you will be the next one to enjoy the comfort of this room and experience the Dutch culture that it reflects.

The Dutch nation, also known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands is situated in north-west Europe. It is nicknamed “the lowlands” due to the fact that the majority of the country is situated below sea-level. The Netherlands has a rich history in art, globalization, industry, engineering and many other areas of society. For instance, the Netherlands was one of the founding nations of the now called ‘European Union’.

Dutch Culture
Dutch culture in the modern era is very diverse and has evolved as a result of globalization. However, typical Dutch culture is still evident today. The Dutch celebrate many international holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. However at the start of December they have a unique holiday called “Sinterklaas”. Sinterklaas has captured the imagination and hearts of the Dutch since the 1800’s. The story goes that he is a bishop that arrives by boat in the Netherlands and takes the naughty children back to Spain with him. He has helpers who cause mischief and mayhem and are known as “ZwartePieten”. Children that have been good are showered in candy and snacks, and a typical Dutch treat called “pepernoten”.

Dutch Mastery
Over the centuries, the Dutch coastline has changed considerably as a result of human intervention and natural disasters. Most notable in terms of land loss is the 1134 storm, which created the archipelago of Zeeland in the southwest.

On 14 December 1287, St. Lucia's flood affected the Netherlands and Germany killing more than 50,000 people in one of the most destructive floods in recorded history. The last major flood in the Netherlands took place in early February 1953, when a huge storm caused the collapse of several dikes in the southwest of the Netherlands. More than 1,800 people drowned in the ensuing inundations. The Dutch government subsequently decided on a large-scale program of public works (the "Delta Works") to protect the country against future flooding. The project took more than thirty years to complete.
As a result of the constant battle with water the Dutch have become masters at water management. Additionally they were on of the first maritime nations in the world and were one of the largest marketers in colonial times. They were the first to discover Australia and help set-up the trading companies in South-East Asia. In the Dutch room you can find a model ship called “De ZevenProvincies”, “The Seven Provinces in English”. This ship was used by the Admiralty of Rotterdam from 1665 - 1694 in battles against the English and French.

Food and Drink
Furthermore, the Netherlands has a rich heritage when it comes to food and drink. Cheese is one of the products that has made the Netherlands famous. World brands such as Edam have made the Netherlands one of the world leaders in cheese production. In the Netherlands itself cheese is a daily food that is consumed at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Dutch are also famous for alcohol and brands such as Heineken and Groslch are worldwide brands. Heineken can be found on every bar and restaurant on the island and Groslch has become famous in the Netherlands and in parts of Asia. In your room you are able to enjoy Heineken from the mini-bar, which is included in the price of your stay.

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